Chief Technology Officer

miércoles, 13 de abril de 2022

País: EEUU / Miami Fin de plazo: 01/06/2022 Contacto:

Fund@mental is looking for a Chief Technology Officer with the following qualifications:

Most important: he/she needs to believe in our project. This is a start up and requires dedication and passion. We’re not looking for a nine-to-fiver. We’re looking for a person that, after a test period, fully integrates with our team and provides the technical knowledge to take the platform to the next level. We want skin in the game.

  • Proficient in English. Bilingual English/ spanish preferred. 
  • Experience using (and developing) PHP, Ionic 4, Mongo DB, AWS.
  • Extensive experience with databases.
  • Javascript advanced skills is a plus.
  • Advanced coding skills.
  • Experience in coordinating projects with developers. 
  • Ability to code small/simple functionalities in short periods of time.
  • Experienced with mobile platforms. 
  • Team player.

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